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Country Program Snapshot

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Since Uzbekistan joined the institution in 1992, the Bank’s assistance was focused on improving people’s livelihoods, supporting the modernization of the country’s social sectors and infrastructure, and sharing its knowledge and experience with the government and the people of Uzbekistan. During these years 13 projects were completed which among other things helped the country improve primary health care facilities for some 4 million people in rural areas around the country; helped people gain access to safe and reliable drinking water in Karakalpakstan and in Bukhara and Samarkand cities; contributed to improving agricultural performance providing access to rural finance and supporting irrigation and drainage works in the country. Recently expanded portfolio of investment projects supports the infrastructure efficiency in water supply, sewerage, irrigation and drainage and - recently added - energy sectors, and continues the work in agriculture and social sectors. World Bank Advisory services focused on macroeconomic policy formulation; poverty analysis; monitoring and evaluation; public financial management reform; budget transparency; and governance.

Support for private sector development, business environment, and the investment climate is provided by IFC. Advisory services, comprising four projects, promoted improvements in the business environment and financial sector.

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Making Uzbek Farms Sustainable
Making Uzbek Farms Sustainable
Introduction of Family Medicine in Uzbekistan
Introduction of Family Medicine in Uzbekistan
Uzbek Education Opens Minds and Hearts
Uzbek Education Opens Minds and Hearts
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Quick Facts

Population, total29.3
Population growth (annual %)2.7
GDP (current US$) (in billions)45.34
GDP per capita (current US$)1545.4
GDP per capita growth rate (annual %)5.6
Inflation, GDP deflator (annual %)16.2
Time required to start business (days)14
Data Source: World Development Indicators, World Bank 

Last updated: 2012-04-05